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Basement status

Should I feel accomplished because I've cleared out most of the basement, and set up a time for someone to maybe take some furniture? If she doesn't take them, they'll go to Goodwill or the dump, so either way they're leaving within the week.

Me and my dad were in the middle of re-glueing the old coffee table that I pulled out of the shed (after some SERIOUS pestering, since I had taken it apart and it had sat in the basement for two weeks before he did anything) for the tv to sit on, and my mom threw a shitfit about it, since bigass tvs should not go on coffee tables with wobbly legs. I pondered on this and agreed, since it ALSO had no place to put DVD players or gaming systems, leaving them on the floor. The floor that floods. My dad argued that he could just BUILD an extra shelf onto the coffee table, but I know him, and it would be made of plywood and look.. less-than-professional. So we ordered a cheapo tv table from walmart, complete with the little extra shelf. Now the coffee table is half-finished, although I'd like to finish it and use it as... a coffee table. My dad says he doesn't want any more furniture downstairs though, but by the time we're done, it should be one of maybe four pieces. I think it should be fine.
UPDATE: Halfway through writing this, me and my dad decided to finish the table. Woo!

Oh shit, I never mentioned all the boxes I went through.

Out of everything, EVERYTHING, I've sorted out and gone through, I have made 6 or more trips to Goodwill with a car full of stuff each time. I'm friends with the guys now. I went through our VERY extensive VHS collection, and donated 150 videos (no Disney classics, of course). I went through our 10 boxes of books and donated 250 books. I donated dolls, plush, toys, board games, unwanted video games, old equipment.. So there is a LOT more space now. It's not perfect, but some stuff simply can't move, for lack of anywhere else to put them. I'm hoping my parents will go through their boxes of old work stuff and throw it out, since I don't feel comfortable at all about touching those.
Although the closet was the original destination for the boxes of books (down to five, now!), it may end up being the attic. I'm not sure about it, yet... but if my parents can't go through their own junk and refuse to let me throw it out (ie my dad's multitude of rifle magazines), I may just have to throw their stuff in the closet.

So yeah! I do feel a bit of pride about all this, because save for the table assembly, I've done all of this myself.

I don't have an original picture, but here's where we are now:

It will only improve from here!
I can't wait, since it doesn't look like I've made much of a dent, but six trips to Goodwill reminds me otherwise. Once the furniture goes, it will be more obvious. The two wingbacks will go, the bookshelf is a maybe, and the dresser (it's actually dilapidated, but you can't tell from here) + tv combo will be leaving.
You can't see it, but I put in a mini bookshelf around the corner when I pulled it out of the shed along with the coffee table and stuffed it full of games and dvds. I wouldn't be waffling with the big bookshelf if I just knew where the hell to put all those videos. I REALLY don't want them in the attic.

And Megan and Bryant: If you're reading this, the basement will never ever ever ever look the way you saw it again ;______; I am so sorry
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Friday was extremely eventful, as I was up by 8am to run to my service learning school to try and put in some extra hours. I managed to freak myself out completely by believing that I was 2 hours short from my requirement and that there was no way for me to possibly be able to pull 2 hours out of my ass, so I tried coming early on thursday and friday to get as close as I can. I asked for an hours summary from the school and it turns out that I'm 2 hours over now?! Where did all those hours come from I don't even know. Then I went to work for the afternoon and went clubbing with some coworkers that night. I met a guy, he bought me some drinks, and my friends all say I should fuck him or something. I'm like what lol no, and learned that I had some very easy friends? idk.

Legs didn't hurt yesterday, but had to work all day which was super fun of course.

Legs hurt today, but I decided to start putting a dent in the basement before going to work. I'm starting with the VHS shelf, and I took out two lawn-bags of tapes. Ridiculous. I also cleaned the cat puke, fixed the little vacuum, and vacuumed all that I could get to. We also have some boxes of kids books which I'm not sure of whether we should put them in the shed or in the attic.. I'm leaning towards attic, but ours is extremely inconvenient-- as in, we need a 10 foot ladder to get through a hole in our garage. I'll check up there to see how much room we have.
EDIT: My mom said to forget the attic, and to clear out the closet instead. I feel this is much safer. :|b


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a project?

Thinking about merging computers downstairs into one big computer, so we can move it and put the big tv down there in their space. I'm considering the idea, since neither me or my sister use our pcs that much, (though in my case it's because the area is such a trash pit I can't get down there, and my desk looks like shit because ever since my sister lost her own desk, all her shit goes on mine now. I'd use mine for drawing if I could just get down there), but we'd probably be able to share. It all comes down to just how much shit we have in the basement. It's pretty unreal. Boxes and boxes.

Our repaired tv has been sitting on the kitchen table for about a month. I'd like to know what kind of motivation is requires to get my dad up and sorting through his shit in the basement so that we can move things. If it were me, this kind of pileup would not be happening. I'm seriously about a hair from just throwing things away. I WANT THE BASEMENT BACK.

In fact

When I get home tonight, I'm going to do a survey of the basement and write down a list of what needs to happen. Maybe if we look at it in baby steps, we can start progressing.

casinos with monsters in the basement

This is some dream recording jarble, since I have such vivid dreams so rarely and I don't want to forget this one. I honestly don't expect it to make much sense and I'm writing it oddly so sorry if you're actually reading it 8D;

Collapse )

I suddenly wake up and realize I have 15 minutes to get to class.

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more games

So I suck at not buying games!

Look at this little faaaaace!

Also I was at Best Buy and had gift cards so yeah it happened.

Our tv crapped out on us about two weeks ago, and my dad finally decided to get a new one. Ours is only about 6 years old, but for some reason, we decided to get the kind of HD tv that took bulbs. So yeah, we had to order bulbs. The reason we waited two weeks was for a bulb to come in, only for it not to work. We tried again with a new bulb, and it still doesn't work. SO, we're getting it repaired and I hear we're going to put it in the basement? idkidk. I should badger them to let me relocate the current tv in the basement to my room. If I have room, I mean. It's a tube-tv, but I can try!

Why mention this? I hooked up the PS2 to the new pretty plasma HDTV to try it out, only to find it blurry and.. not the best. I know it's because the ps2 isn't really built for HD, but I googled it anyway to see what other people had to say. They're telling others to stick with SDTV, and to invest in a component cable for awesome graphics. Some say it even makes HD graphics a bit better, so why the hell not. Wiki also tells me that Dragon Quest VIII has 16:9 graphic support, so I'll look into that further.

Anyone have any experience with this? I'm looking into component cables on eBay, specifically ones from Sony because I'm a quality freak.
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